TWL Engineering Solutions offers more than 33 years’ experience in designing fully functional, integrated electronic security systems for Banks, Educational Institutions, parastatals, residential developments, commercial developments and private sectors.


Electronic Security Systems:


•   CCTV Cameras - all types of cameras as per Client's needs i.e. in Shopping Malls linking to BMS Systems, Banks with high security areas, industrial areas, street surveillance, etc.

•   Access Control - managed access control to office buildings, sport facilities, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, etc. by means of turnstiles, card readers, biometric readers, etc. to form multi layered control for all eventualities

•   Fire Detection and Rational Fire Designs - in order for buildings to be statutory compliant, building owners have no choice as to comply to statutory regulations and our vast experience can assist building owners to comply

•   Asset Tracking - this area is to assist owners of movable assets to know at any point in time where their assets are

•   Intercom Systems - to assist security system communication and forms and important part of a  security system

•   Public Address Systems - building owners, i.e. specifically Shopping Malls, Office Buildings, etc. need to be able to communicate with the public at any point in time if an emergency arises.  This is also by law part of the statutory compliance of buildings

•   Building Control Rooms - all the above systems must be and is usually controlled from one central point.  It is therefore of utmost importance that the entire Electronic Security System is integrated correctly into the BMS system so that the building owners have maximum control over their buildings

•   Information Technology Systems - the software to implement, integrate and maintain the systems installed and the management of this software is of utmost importance and TWL has the expertise to deliver this service


TWL Engineering Solutions also have the knowledge and expertise to assist with Electrical Designs consisting of:


•   Stand-by Generators - due to the untrustworthy municipal power supply in the past few years, the option of stand-by generators has become a must rather than a nice to have especially in building environments i.e. office buildings, shopping malls, educational institutions, petrol filling stations, industrial manufacturing, etc.  Most of these enterprises will make huge losses without power

•   Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems (UPS) - this is a battery backup system extensively used for computer equipment.  UPS systems normally work hand-in-hand with stand-by generators as the switch over power supply from normal power to generator power

•   General Electrical Designs - any electrical work for existing and new buildings


We also offer Construction Project Management as well as Quantity Surveying services.




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